Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-June 15

So hard to believe an entire month has gone by and it is time for me to post pictures of what is blooming in my yard.  This is hosted by May Dreams Garden.

And gosh, I also promised to begin a Wildflower Wednesday, so I have to do TWO posts today.  Puff, puff.

So what is happening in my yard?

For perennials, not much.  My irises quit blooming on Sunday.  My astlibes are almost ready to open, but not quite.  My chive flowers are done.  So I don't have all that much, and I will  include a couple of my more noteworthy annuals.

These are icicle pansies.  We planted these last fall, and they have been blooming for over two months now.  They cost more than regular pansies, but are well worth the extra cost.  We've grown them for several years now, and they have overwintered just fine here in zone 5.

This is a wild rose.  I just happened to see it peeking out of my lilac patch.  You know what, if it hadn't been for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I may never have noticed.

Grey santolina.

My "sky blue" petunias from Burpees.  Which, as you can see, are not sky blue but rather a lavender like color.  But the plants are doing fine.

And last, but not least, a hanging basket I put together using Phantom and Black Velvet petunias, and Yellow Bush Surfina petunias.  So....enjoy.


  1. What a great combination in that hanging basket. They sure do work well together. Your wild rose was a lovely find ... very pretty!

  2. Those pansies are that rose!

  3. Your petunia hanging basket is very nice - such unusual colors. Happy GBBD!


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