Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mid June at the Farmers Markets

First, thank you to those who expressed concern about my fall.  I'm better today.  I can eat (if I don't touch the big lump on my lip), my left hand is bruised but working. my left shoulder hurts but it operates, my teeth ache but none seem loose, and I took a couple of walks to come up with the 4 miles I like to do on weekends.  I did it slower than usual and I got pretty wiped out.  I went to Sears Optical and, since I purchased the damage warranty, only have to pay $25. for the chipped lens.  (I am extremely nearsided, and if my vision wasn't correctable, I would be legally blind.)  I'm thankful too that the chip is in the corner so I can see out of the glasses mostly OK.  The frame is scratched but I'll replace it in another 6 months, probably, when my prescription changes.

And, spouse and I made time for a couple of local farmers markets.

The Vestal farmers market seemed to have less booths than normal.  Perhaps the Owego Strawberry Festival had something to do with it.  The local produce is finally starting to come in, here in the Triple Cities of Upstate NY, although some farms normally featuring U-Pick strawberries (we're in the height of strawberry season) have cancelled U-Pick this year.  We are dealing with higher than normal rainfall.  Every time it rains I say a prayer that next time the rain will visit, instead, one of our drought stricken states.  Please know that my gardening heart goes out to everyone affected by the terrible drought much of our country is facing.

We bought local lettuce, garlic scapes (for some reason, an unknown entity - animal? flattened all of our garlic, and no scapes as a result), cucumbers.  I should be able to eat these OK.  The one vendor with local zucchini (probably small but who cares) had already sold out.  We hope to see one of the vendors we know from long ago, Laughing Crow Farms in Maine, later this year.  I passed on the local strawberries-might not be a good idea to eat things with small seeds in them right now.  Maybe in a couple of days.

Then, a few miles up the road, we hit the Otsiningo Park Farmers Market.  This, one of the newer markets, seems to get better and better.  At work, my manager raves about one vendor's cinnamon rolls.  I bought a chocolate chip scone from him-its crumbly nature will probably be more eating-friendly to me right now.  But you should see those cinnamon rolls - and only $1.50 each!

Over at the McRey Farm booth, they had sold out of the brisket we wanted, but spouse purchased some osso bucco and some very meaty soup bones. (I almost feel like I should apologize for eating meat-and I've been a vegetarian a couple of times in my life-but lapsed both times back into the omnivorous lifestyle.)

And last but not least, a visit to the herbal vendor.  My boss had told me about her herbal bug repellant spray.  She let me try it, and I purchased a small bottle for $7.  I am so sick of being bitten by whatever seems to be chowing down on me in the past three weeks.  I think it's a combo of blackflies and spiders.

And, I must admit, I ended up "vegging out" while spouse took a nap, and played a lot of FarmVille. And - signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  (wish me luck!)

Now, let's hope nothing else happens to me.


  1. Luck! And glad you are doing better. Hope everything heals up quickly.

  2. Good luck on the challenge! I'm giving some thought to signing up, too. You're inspiring! The markets sound amazing, and like really good fun. I'm hoping to hit a few here in Tokyo next weekend.


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