Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mystery Door and Cutler Botanic Gardens

I wanted to take a little time off because as of July 1, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  31 posts in 31 days...or at least, 31 posts during the month of July.  Each must be at least 100 words. I am supposed to  also post on Twitter.  I'm supposed to visit other participants blogs (actually that is a very important part-after all, how can you learn without seeing what other people do, and interact with them?).  And try to do that every day.

Yes, it's a challenge!  And part of me also wants to squirrel away my material for the Challenge.

But, I also made the commitment to blog about our local Botanic garden, Cutler Botanic Gardens.  It's small but mighty.  I want to share some pictures I took on Fathers Day with you.  So, I'll have to think of something else  for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Maybe come back in a month and see what has changed?

As for this little gem, it is run by Cornell Cooperative Service - many thanks to all the volunteer Master Gardeners who keep this up.  And now:

This house on the edge of the property has a door that is many feet above the ground.  I know there must be a reason - does anyone know?  Maybe this once had a second floor outside stairs and porch?  Or maybe Superman rented out the space?

And then there is the low window on the first floor, on the right.  Somehow, this seems so....unbalanced.

When you walk in there is a display of composting.  I highly recommend the display (didn't take pictures) for those wanting to learn about composting.

Then, come the plantings.  First, a lovely Cornus kousa, or Korean Dogwood.  They have become pretty popular around here.  They bloom over a month after the "regular" dogwoods bloom.

Next, a Fragrant Mock Orange or Philadelphus coronarius.  If only I had Blog-O-Smell so you could catch the sweet scent of this shrub.

Next, one of the perennial displays.  The plant in the back (which is blurry) was a total mystery to me, and I could not find a tag.  Of course.

Another display, including a nice stand of lillies.

And finally, a view of their rock garden.

I thought I had taken pictures of their Heirloom Rose Garden, but when I went to download my pictures I only found one picture.  I have see if I can go back and take some more.  I think I was too busy smelling the flowers to take pictures.  The day lilies, by now, should be blooming nice-they were just starting on Sunday.

I'll take the rose picture, in the meantime, and combine it with a rose feature I want to do in the near future.

Please, if you are in the area of southern NY on I-81, stop by this small gem of the Southern Tier.  It is free, and it will be worth your time.


  1. This is a snow door... for when storms come on so quickly that you can't safely open the front door, much less get out of it. You need to get out up higher and dig your way to the first floor door.

  2. I wanted to add: They're extremely common, up on the Tug Hill Plateau and in the older homes in localized regions that typically see far more snow than more populated area. (And that's probably they came to be more populated in the first place! lol)

    1. I thank you for identifying what this mystery door is, and for visiting my blog. You've given me an idea for another blog post - thank you!


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