Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Directions and Two New Weekly Features

I am going to try a couple of weekly features.  As a result of the Blogathon, I paid attention to the Stats tab in my Blogger account for the first time, and had some interesting surprises regarding what my readers wanted.

It seems that they enjoy, in this order

1.  Gardening related posts, especially pictures of flowers.
2.  Posts about Binghamton.

Additionally, a fellow blogger recommended that (as I am "into" the American Civil War) I blog about the Civil War on the 12th day of each month.  As it happens, that falls on a Sunday (today).  And since I couldn't go a month without a Civil War post (despite all my recent garden posts) I am going to try to blog each Sunday about the Civil War. At least until 2015, if my blog (and I) last that long.

The other new feature will be on Wednesday. Wildflower Wednesdays.  I am trying to learn about wildflowers, and the sister of a friend is very knowledgeable about them.  If I can't maintain the wildflower theme (after all, we have 5 months of winter in these parts) I might convert Wednesdays to a general gardening day - a "hot stove" gardening league, if you will.

This leads up to the question:  should I have a day devoted to Binghamton or the Triple Cities of upstate NY (Binghamton/Johnson City/Endicott?  I do have some historic photos of Binghamton, thanks to a friend.  And I can always write about local (and Ithaca) happenings, and things in my life that aren't garden related.  But I don't want to restrict that to a particular day.

And I want to try to keep the daily post habit although in the summer it may get difficult.  (meaning, I really need to try and keep it up.)

I still don't want to make the blog "all garden all the time" because my most loyal reader (as revealed by my stats) is NOT a garden nut.  She's always supported my blog and I want to keep her interest, and the interest of those who followed my blog before the Blogathon.

Please feel free to comment in the next few days, and tell me what you think of my new direction.

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