Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should I take The Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Fresh from completing a Blogathon during the month of May (31 consecutive days of posting) I decided to see how long I could continue to blog daily.  Fortunately for me, my blog "mission statement" allows me to blog about anything - although I have set up a couple of "theme days" recently.

During my "runners high" after Blogathoning, I had signed up to (heaven help me) to get notified when a different blogging challenge would start.  I got my notification today that registration is now open for another blogging challenge starting July 1.  Now, as I doubt my sanity, I wonder if I should "go for it".

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is similar in some ways to the Blogathon
1.  Its run by Michelle (actually, two of them)
2.  You have to make a certain minimum number of posts.
3.  You will be part of a supportive community (and the Blogathoners are awesome, every one of them.  So I would hope the Ultimate Blog Challengers would be too.)

But it also seems different in some other ways
1.  You get daily emails with "hints" to help you think of topics to blog on, and some other forms of support. (this isn't meant at all as a "put down" of the Blogathon-it's just different.)
2.  It seems to be more oriented to using Twitter - almost as though they assume you are Twittering. Or Facebooking.  And fortunately (thanks to the support of Blogathoners) I am on Twitter now.
3.  You don't have to blog daily.  You do have to blog 31 times.  Technically that could be 31 times in one day. (and since Blogger has proved it can't be reliable, that actually gives me a little comfort zone.)
4.  But, on the other hand, the Ultimate Blog Challenge has a minimum word count (100 per post) which the Blogathon didn't have.

Do I want to do this?  Is it too much?  Or, should I take the challenge?

UPDATE 6/18/11:  I did sign up. Wish me luck!


  1. I took the challenge. Hope you will, too. I figure if I learn even half of what I did during Blogathon, it'll be a positive for my blog.

  2. Thank you, Tia, I did sign up today. Sounds like several other Blogathoners have signed up so we'll have some good company.


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