Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice Day

Happy June 21, 2011!

We have a chance of rain early tomorrow morning (maybe 4am) and we have a chance of severe weather tomorrow with hail.  I wish I could send that weather (without the severe part) to my internet friends in the drought areas.  But all I can do is give you a little dose of backyard flowers from tonight.

It's sad in a way, this first day of summer, because it means we are at our maximum sunlight and soon the days will start to get shorter.  Already, the sunrises have turned around and are getting later and later.  In about a week, the sunsets will follow suit. (funny how we never realized this natural phenomenon until we owned chickens many years ago.)

The astilbes are finally blooming. (what this photo doesn't show you is the cloud of gnats I had to brave to get this shot.)

One of our hostas is almost ready to come out. (we have several varieties in the shady part of our yard.)

Campanula. (somehow, the purple in the flowers didn't show up well.)

Yellow bleeding heart.  This has self-sowed in several parts of our yard.

Tomorrow is Wildflower Wednesday.  One of the features will be a plant in the "wild" part of our backyard, which I hope to find out before tomorrow what it is.

Happy summer!

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