Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny Days and Sundays Never Get Me Down

I promised rhododendron photos today.  I ended up not taking the walk I was planning, and instead took some photos closer to home. The sun came out, it was in the 70's, there was a small breeze, and the Vestal Rail Trail was calling.  I brought my camera, and stopped three or four times during the 4 miles walk to take some photos.  Hopefully, I'll post those tomorrow.

To tide you over, I'm posting a couple of rhododendron photos taken at my house.  These rhododendrons were there when we bought the house in 1987.  So, I have no idea how old they are.  One is doing quite well.  This is a common shade in our area.

The other, a much lighter pink, is not so common, and has not been doing so well for the past 10 or so years.  We've given it some tender loving care and it seems to be doing better.  It's partially hidden though by shrubbery.

Also blooming today in the area:  roses, peonies (neither of which we have).

Our irises are about done. 

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time to post the Vestal Rail Trail photos.

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  1. Your rhodies are gorgeous! We had enormous ones when we lived in Washington State, now have azaleas in E. Texas... but they finished blooming weeks and weeks ago.

    Glad you have a rail trail near you; we support the Rails to Trails Foundation.

    Keep posting floral photos - they're like a drink of cool water during this parched summer in the Southeast and Southwest...

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