Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - Late June Mysteries

Our wetter than normal summer continues in the Southern Tier of upstate New York, and the wildflowers are abundant.

Today, I am going to ask for the help of you, my reader.

This first picture was taken last year on the Vestal Rail trail.  My wildflower "expert" friend told me what this is-and now I can't find the email.  Possible Echium vulgare?  I don't think that's what my friend told me.  Your guess is as good as mine.

This next one, also on the Vestal Rail Trail (our local rail to trail) I think I do know.  It's milkweed, precious to a lot more insects than monarch butterflies.  It isn't quite in bloom yet.

This next one, disappointingly, came out so blurry it's hard to see.  It was sunny, and it was one of those "point and pray" shots where you don't know if your picture came out.   I tried looking at a very nice guide of blue wildflowers, and can't figure out what this is.  There are a couple in the lower left hand corner that are small, but less blurry.  I almost didn't post this, but maybe someone can help me out.

And finally, there isn't much scale here, but these are much smaller than daisies.  My guess was some kind of aster, but I think it is too early in the year.

One think I am learning in my quest to learn about wildflowers is....there are an awful lot of them to learn.  And another thing I'm learning is, I really need to take less blurry photos.

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