Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-July 15

Another month has come and gone.  It is again the Ides of the month, and May Dreams Garden is having its Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, where garden bloggers post photos of what is blooming in their yards on the 15th of the month.  And what a beautiful day today is, here in Binghamton NY - temperature 83, low humidity, lots of sun. Aaahhhhh! 

This month, I have some interesting plants.  Too bad I don't know what some of them are.  We have a talent for losing tags, or otherwise forgetting what we planted.  So we have anonymous herbs, hostas, daylillies and irises at our house.

This first pictures is of one of our "mystery" plants.

We've had a tiny rock garden in the sunny front of our house for about three years.  This year, one of the succulants started to bloom a couple of weeks ago.  I am pleased to report it is still in bloom.

Our daylillies are in bloom.  This is in our back yard.  These are very large, fragrant blossoms.

This is a Crocosmia, and this plant has an interesting history.

Late last spring (2010) a local store had a clearance on Crocosmia corms. We decided to try them.  We put them in a large pot, where they proceeded to send up foliage, but nothing else.  We overwintered them and then put them out this spring.  They didn't seem to do anything, and we allowed grass and mint to grow.

A couple of weeks ago - a flower stalk appeared out of the grass and mint.  And now, the surviving plant's flower is opening.

We are towards the end of hosta season. We have three varieties.  Two of them, including this one, have fragrant flowers.

And finally this herb.  I have forgotten what I planted, but I believe it is St. Johns Wort.  Too bad I didn't know it was an invasive species at the time, although (knock on wood) we've not had a problem with it.

See you again in August, when the long finger of fall starts casting its shadow.

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  1. What a bright golden welcome to your home. Happy GBBD.


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