Friday, August 19, 2011

A Farmers Market Friday

 (Curious about what downtown Binghamton's Farmers Market looks like?  Some views can be found on a blog with various videos taken at the Binghamton Farmers Market - check out the first few seconds of the Monkeys Typing video, for example.  And what is a Monkeys Typing?  Keep watching the video and enjoy.)

The small farmers market in downtown Binghamton (Tuesdays and Fridays 9-2pm) has reached summer peak.  On the small/narrow street by our Courthouse a two man group by the name of Acoustic Expressions performed today while shoppers browsed for blueberries, early apples, plums, Pennsylvania peaches, garlic (German White), onions, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, bagged spices, baked goods, artisan soap and more.  Nearby, a hot dog vendor's wares sold briskly.

On the nearby courthouse steps, downtown office workers ate lunch as storm clouds started to gather.  A woman showed off her tomato purchase to co-workers.  A man explained how he and his wife used to can tomatoes, using an old fashioned crank machine which took off the skins and separated out the seeds.  His co-workers listened attentively.

An hour or so later, the heavens opened, and rain poured down.  The streets temporarily flooded as thunder rumbled and, towards the end, small hail pattered.

So hard to believe that in a couple of short weeks, we will have our last Friday market concert.  And a month or so later, the market will end its 2011 season as cold winds start to blow, and snow flurries swirl.

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