Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - Urban Neighborhood Wildflowers

Can you find wildflowers in an urban neighborhood?

Where I live is not true urban (i.e. downtown Binghamton, or neighborhoods in NYC) but that wasn't going to stop me.  My mission:  just walk around my neighborhood in the Binghamton, NY area and see what I could find.

This is what I found today in a three block radius of my house.  This is nightshade.


In my herb garden I found a Queen Anne's Lace, both a flower, and the "fruit" (to the left of the flower).  That ferny stuff, by the way, is Southernwood, which the Queen Anne's Lace is growing right in the middle of.

And finally, pokeweed.  I found this in several neighborhood yards here.  Who says pokeweed is for the south only?

There are other plants blooming right now, including plantain, another urban favorite.  And, there were patches of chicory here and there with their lovely blue flowers.  And a few mystery plants.

Remember, earlier this summer, I wrote about a vining plant in my back yard, in a very shady spot, with grape like leaves and a cluster of something developing?  Well, I decided to track it this since there must have been a flower involved at some time - and it is wild.  If I don't have a different subject for next Wednesday, I may right about what is still a mystery plant.

What wildflowers are growing on your property?

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  1. What I love about this post, other than the beautiful pictures as always... the idea of finding the unexpected. Thanks for sharing!


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