Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Raining It's Pouring And My Heart is Not Soaring

A few minutes ago I got out of my evening bath, dried off, and prepared to sit in front of my computer to blog.

Then I heard this sound.

There are a lot of sounds around here nowadays.  There are the backup beeps of heavy equipment, going day and night (24/7) at the BAE Industries plant, thanks to the flood recovery contractors. There's the sound of garbage trucks coming around to pick up flood debris (using back end loaders and dump trucks.) There are the contractors, coming around to give estimates for damage repair or new furnaces.  For a while there were the scavengers, hoping to wrestle scrap metal or scrap something to sell out of a pile of someone's 30 years worth of soggy memories.  Thankfully the last has mainly stopped, due to the garbage pickups.

But there is one sound in the neighborhood that we all dread.

It's the sound of rain.

There was just a burst of rain.  Heavy, pouring rain.  It stopped a few minutes after it started.  But more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  They say maybe 1 1/2 inches of rain by Monday.  But they could be wrong. And I'm thinking, and I know my neighbors are thinking:  will it be like two weeks ago?  Will the basement we just paid Servpro good money to steam clean and dehumidify in an effort to keep our first floor living room floor from warping further overwhelm our new dehumidifier?

I used to love the sound of rain.  Even after the flood of 2006 that affected parts of this area I still (after a while) fell back in love with its sound.  I don't know if I'll ever like that sound again.  If it starts to rain again, my heart will not be soaring.  It will be in the pit of my stomach.

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