Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Cover of the....Flood Book?

October should be a month full of inspiration, ripe pumpkins, fun in Ithaca, and fall foliage. What it will be, though, is a saga of recovery and frustration for many.  I find myself one of the relatively lucky ones in a neighborhood full of suffering.

Now I find our local paper advertising a book they will be publishing later this year about the Binghamton area's September flood.  Although there is a disclaimer that the cover is not final, yesterday's ad had a picture of the book with a cover.  The book they were advertising had, as its cover - something that looked suspiciously like an aerial photo of my neighborhood during the height of the flood.

Why do I feel exploited?

I really don't care that "a portion of the proceeds" will go to flood relief.  One question I ask is:  what percentage?  2%?  50%?  And is this percentage worth a rehash so soon?  Aren't there better ways to raise money for flood relief?

Do we need a written history and "best of" photos so soon (the book is supposed to come out in November) when every moment of this is engraved forever in the minds of those who went through it?  Especially hard hit communities such as Owego, NY are still trying to find their way.

Is the November release so that it can be on everyone's Christmas list?  Or am I just being cynical?

I may not be feeling reasonable about this. But maybe I'd like to see something happier.  I like the idea of a flood relief concert, which is being planned.  We get to hear great music, mingle with others in our community, and are given the opportunity to forget our troubles for a few hours.

The holidays are going to be a big challenge for many of us.

Music, yes.

Flood book, not yet.  Too soon.  Let us recover first.

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