Saturday, November 19, 2011

It May Be Mild But It Looks Like November

We enjoyed a walk in the 51 degree Upstate NY sunshine  (considering that a dusting of snow frosted our lawn yesterday morning, the sun is most appreciated) and then we cleaned out our car.  Next door, roofers worked on a roof (one of many being worked on in our neighborhood.)  Another neighbor mowed his lawn! - something you usually do not get to see in mid November in the Binghamton area.

We went inside about 3pm.  About an hour later I looked out the window and - the sky looked white.  It looked like it was about to snow, although no snow threatened.

There is just something about the quality of sunshine in November.  It can be mild in temperature but the light grows weaker by the day.  The sun doesn't shine as high in the sky as it once did.   The clouds seem to thicken so much easier.   The breeze, even on a mild day, has a hint of chill in it.  The trees, except for a hardy few, are bare now.

Can winter be far behind?  With eggnog and hot cider?

I treasure every day without snow on the ground.  But soon, that will be a rare day, and I will pine for April when the earth starts to wake up again.

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