Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-Growing Moves Indoors

Ah, it's the 15th of the month here in upstate New York (United States).  Once again it is time for garden bloggers and those just plain interested in gardening to post at May Dreams Gardens Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

I've only been posting since Spring so this is the first GBBD post-frost.  There is nothing blooming in my yard right now.  We have some hardy wildflowers (but none in my yard) starting to bloom again due to some unseasonably mild weather (50's).  So instead, I'd like to share some indoor flower pictures with you and ponder the months ahead.

This beautiful African violet was a rescue project.  Our local supermarket had some "damaged" violets several months ago that they were selling for 50 cents each.  Of course, I had to buy one.  I don't have the best track record with violets-they seem to last three or so years for me and then die - but I seem to have good luck with "rejects".  This one has rewarded me with a lovely show of blooms. Thank you!

I just bought this African violet Saturday at a nursery that sustained major flood damage. (Our area suffered major flooding back in September due to Tropical Storm Lee). 

This is a Christmas cactus now coming into bud.

And now for a mystery flower.  I've had this plant for many years - it has orange blooms.  I was thinking it is a shrimp plant but online pictures of shrimp plant flowers don't look like what I have.  These flowers are in bud.  The leaves of the plant are glossy.   Does anyone have any guesses?
For January I am hoping to have amaryllis to show you.   One bulb is brand new this year.  The other is a bulb I bought at Home Depot on clearance (can you tell how I get some of my plants, hee hee) in 2009, it bloomed, it bloomed again last year, and after resting and repotting this weekend I am hoping it will bloom for me again.

I usually take impatiens cuttings (they root easily in water) and pot them but this year I only got about three cuttings to root.  So I do not have indoor impatiens flowers to share with you - yet.

And finally, I have my poinsettia from last year.  Every year I buy a poinsettia on Black Friday at Home Depot.  Our Home Depot flooded in September and will be reopening on November 23 - just in time.  (I  hope they have the Black Friday special). [For those in other countries - Black Friday is the day after our Thanksgiving and is an epic shopping event, with some stores opening at midnight.  Unbelievable specials for early birds are the rule of the day.] 2009's poinsettia actually gave me red leaves last winter without any special care  - just stuck it in my sunniest window and didn't restrict its sunlight like you are supposed to.  It died over the summer - just wilted one day for no reason I could figure out - but the 2010 plant is still alive and well.  I hope it will color up for a future GBBD.

So, for us in upstate NY, it is almost time for our long, hard winter to begin.  GBBD will keep my gardener's heart beating until spring comes in April and I can plant outdoors again.


  1. Your violets are lovely! I, too, can't resist "rescuing" plants...those rescues turn into some of my favorites! I, however, have never had luck keeping my poinsettias. Happy GBBD!

  2. thanks for leaving a comment on GBBD. Looks like pretty tough time in upstate NY.


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