Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday-Confused Fall

It's supposed to be fall, right, here in upstate New York?  Snow covered ground?  No more wildflowers?  No more green?  Everything fast asleep until spring?

Not so fast.  Summer is taking another curtain call.  Well, not quite summer.  But it did reach the low 60's on Sunday, and by Thursday it is supposed to be back in the 50's.

Fall? Someone forgot to tell this plant, which is sprouting new growth.  It isn't the only one, either.

Someone forgot to tell the very green grass and a neighbor was seen mowing his lawn Sunday.  Here, a dandelion peeks through a local lawn.

The last of the fall foliage. This should have been bare two or three weeks ago.

Other sights are more seasonal, such as this example of sumac bare except for the seed cones.  Yes, except that it was in the 60's when I took this picture.

I am glad for our extended fall.  It is about time the weather "cut us a break".  In fact, I was talking with some co-workers today and we agreed we wouldn't mind if all of winter was just like this!

Not that that would ever happen.

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