Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday-The Return of November Wildflowers!

It's November 16 and...the wildflowers are returning!

Here in upstate NY, we have had unseasonable weather - highs in the 50's - and, just as I thought that the wildflowers were gone for good, they have made a comeback.

On the Vestal Rail Trail, where I exercise on weekends (now that Daylight Time has ended), spouse and I were amazed to find a patch of blooming dandelions.  Here's one.

 Further along the trail, some goldenrod had burst back into bloom but by that time my camera batteries were running low.

Here is what I believe is a witch hazel, in bloom at one end of the Rail Trail.

Meanwhile, the last of the trees are turning color.  I took these pictures in downtown Binghamton yesterday on Court Street near the Broome County Library.  It was misting rain so the colors were better "in person".

The parking lot of the Broome County library.

And one final view of trees soon to be bare.

We have not had a truly spectacular display of foliage in several years now.  But I'll gladly trade some color for no snow on the ground in November.


  1. AM (Bookworm): You captured those flowers that think it's spring again in a beautiful way. Here in Kansas City, Missouri our fall foliage began later than usual and bright color has come in stages - orange maples here, red burning bush there.

    I am grateful to you for keeping my blog on your blogroll. I have decided on a new name for it: W-C-H-S...M-P-H-S...P-A-R-K Diary Writing 1960-1965. The URL remains the same, I am thinking a way to name it in a blogroll might be A Park College Diary 1961-1965.

  2. Just lovely...I ADORE Witch stunning :-)


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