Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Winter Farmers Market In Downtown Binghamton, New York

It's official!  A winter farmers market has come to downtown Binghamton, New York (indoors, of course-right now, for example, it is 9 above as I write this.)

The market will be open the first Friday of each month, as part of an existing event in downtown Binghamton called First Friday.  It will also be open two Saturdays a month during the morning.

Free parking, too!

To quote from their website,

"All products will be from NYS or made by the farmer.  Some items you could purchase are pea shoots, sunflower shoots, NYS/OG dried beans, pasta, sunflower oil, artisan cheeses, organic and grass fed beef, pork , chicken, rabbit, cheese, eggs, honey, maple syrup, dried herbs, fresh baked bread, salves/tinctures, jam, and much more!"

Another feature this Friday will be "special guest farm artisans".  I understand that, for example, there will be a demonstration of herbal infused oils.

This is the vendor selling jam.  I don't get much into jam but all of my homemade jam was thrown out after the flood so maybe I'll want to pick up a jar.

I'm excited.  I've seen almost all of these items (except for the sunflower oil - wonder how farmstead sunflower oil is made) at the summer market at Otsiningo Park.  My walking companion is pumped, too - she loves local honey and was going through withdrawal.

The only thing that may put a dent in this market is terrible weather and - the way this winter is shaping up - we won't have to worry too much about that.

Having a winter farmers market may just bring more people to downtown Binghamton and - with many of our farmers suffering from a too wet summer and our September 7-8 flooding, a chance to gain some much needed income.

Hope to see you there! (Hope to see me there, too!)


  1. I love a great farmers market, with good quality produce - so so much better than buying it from under the fluro lights of a supermarket. Great blog :)

  2. WOW we love farmers markets in Australia too. One of my recent posts was about our local farmers market at the Big Pineapple tourist attraction here on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.
    Having been to farmers markets in Denver I can see there are differences in how the markets are set out, but the quality of the produce is what's important! Thanks for a great post!

  3. Wow. My local one ends in Nov. Nice to have access in the winter - after all many of the products are non-seasonal.


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