Sunday, February 19, 2012

Civil War Sunday - Cynthia Ann Parker

Many years ago, my spouse was stationed at Sheppard Air Force base in Wichita Falls, Texas. 

While there, my father flew out from New York City to visit us, and we took him to Ft. Sill in Oklahoma.  The base has a very rich history, and was visited at one time or another by some famous military people who fought in the Civil War.  We were hoping to take him to the grave of Geronimo. 

For someone who grew up in New York City, and my father (who spent almost his entire life in NYC except for his military service, this was a big deal.

But Ft. Sill has another link to the history of our nation as the resting place of Cynthia Ann Parker.and her son, who was the last chief of the Comanches.

What does that have to do with the Civil War?

The story of Cynthia Ann Parker, kidnapped by the Comanches, is a fascinating one.  Although her life story does not have much of a link to the Civil War (although her brother fought in the Confederate army) it is rich in the flavor of the frontier, and is fascinating reading.

After all, you can't really understand the Civil War without understanding the lives of those living at the time.

And, after the Civil War, a lot of soldiers ended up in the Western United States....but that is a story for another time.

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  1. I just finished reading 'Where the Broken Heart Still Beats' by Carolyn Meyer, recently re-released on its 20th anniversary.

    Alternating chapters by 'Sinty-Ann' and her young cousin Lucy tell of the Parker family's difficulty in understanding why Naduah wants to go back to the only way of life she truly knows or remembers.

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