Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go Teach the Angels To Sing

Why does it seem so many talented, creative people self-destruct?  Does great talent carry with it the seeds of self-destruction?  Is it the dark underside of genius?  Or is it something more?

The latest death, just a few hours ago, Whitney Houston.  Dead at 48.

The list of talented people dead too young is so extensive.  In fact, so many artists have died at age 27 that there is an unofficial "27 club"

Her singing of the National Anthem will be remembered by many, especially when you contrast it with some more recent celebrity "performances".  As one of my Facebook friends put it tonight "Go teach the angels to sing, Whitney."  At last, she is at peace.  For so many years she struggled with drug use.

But, is the image of the tormented artist based in fact.  This article is a bit long for my taste, but explores the subject in depth.  Apparently, even Aristotle wondered about it back in the days of the ancient Greeks.

Do you think there is truth in the belief that madness or self-destruction is intertwined with artistic talent?

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  1. Nice tribute. I think some artistic personalities or those that strive fame may have some "extreme" tendencies....


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