Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Years Late and a Pin Short

OK, I finally did it.  I'm pinning away.

I joined Pinterest yesterday.  After wondering why friends on Facebook had posts telling the world they just "pinned" something, I checked Pinterest out, took the plunge (well, I did that earlier in the week because you need to get an "invite" and it doesn't come right away), and then stayed up late (for me) last night looking at stuff.  And figuring out how to get the pin button on my Firebox "bookmark" bar, which I never figured out.

Now I have to figure out exactly how Pinterest works, how I should interact with people without making a fool of myself, and all that newbie stuff.  So don't expect a primer quite yet on how to use Pinterest.  I'm too new at it.  But, I'm psyched.

I enjoy photography, so a visual social networking site is a natural to me.  Now I just have to fight the urge to spend my entire day on that site.  Some things in my favor:
1.  I work full time
2.  I have to eat
3.  I play FarmVille (the time-suck champion of all time)
4.  There is this blog, called Ramblinwitham.......

As far as Pinterest itself:  Looks like the site actually started (although maybe not with public access) about 2 years ago.  So, as usual, I'm behind the curve.

Are any of you, my readers, on Pinterest?  Any suggestions or information you can provide?  I'd love to interact with you, too.


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