Monday, September 3, 2012

As American as Baseball and Blue Moons

 Baseball and blue moons - what could be more American?

Today, in the United States, it is Labor Day - the day we celebrate our working women and men.  Many of us (ironically, not many laboring in the retail trades) have the day off.  It's a big day for travel, and that is what my spouse and I did today.

We've been having on and off rain from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac since mid-afternoon.

Friday, though, was almost picture-perfect.  We celebrated Labor Day early with a picnic at the local baseball field, followed by a minor league baseball game.

 I had a nice view of the full moon rising as the game between the Binghamton Mets (double A Eastern League) and the Trenton Thunder (Yankees) got underway.  The big-league Mets and Yankees are bitter rivals. As it happens, a lot of people in the Binghamton area are Yankees fans, which made the game even more interesting.

Suddenly, I realized I was looking at the blue moon.  I was armed only with my iPhone.  Around me, other fans were asking each other "was that the blue moon?"  Someone said "I wish I had taken my camera."  I did also, but was grateful I now had a camera with a phone.  (sometimes it does seem that way).

There are a lot better pictures of the blue moon than I was able to take.  But I had a very good time taking them.

Soon enough the sun set and the moon continued to rise.

Still another view.

And one final picture (blob in the center) as post game fireworks began.

If you are somewhere that celebrates Labor Day, how did you spend your day?

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