Monday, September 24, 2012

Overdue Library Art

Who says librarians don't have a sense of humor?  Or a sense of the artistic?

Today, I wanted to show you several examples of art, upstate New York library style. We have several local libraries here in our Triple Cities of upstate New York.

In the George F. Johnson Library in Endicott, NY, I found this mosaic near a water fountain.

Nearby, is their cafe - called, what else, The Overdue Cafe.

This library, like many others, has periodic displays of area art.  Last month, the subject was quilts.  I had to take these pictures on the "sly" because we aren't supposed to be using cell phones in the library.  I don't know the names of the artists - I was too busy sneaking around and seeing if any librarian was looking - I hope they are OK with me posting these pictures of their lovely art.

Chickens are a favorite art theme of mine.  At one point in time, I decorated part of my house in "early chicken".  I would have snapped this quilt up if it had been for sale back in my "chicken period".

Maybe I would even buy it now.

And finally, a quilt featuring a stag.  Not welcome in your average garden, but a beauty nonetheless.

Again, if any of the makers of these quilts come forward, I would love to give proper credit to them.

Do you have any favorite library art?


  1. Wow how wonderful to have this art displayed on the walls.....we only have a small high school/community library here....the art we get on our walls is from the school students, so it is always changing and varied

  2. Wow great stuff! Especially love the quilts and the tile work.... Wonder if they ever sell / raffle any of this work as a fund raiser for the library?

  3. Love that mosaic, just stunning.


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