Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sustainability Saturday Special Edition - Mahopac, NY Farmers Market

I live about 150 miles from the farmers market I am featuring today.  We went to it only because we were visiting a relative, and had several unexpected guests.  We needed food - and quickly!
In a synagogue parking lot in the Putnam County, NY hamlet of Mahopac, several vendors had set up. But don't judge the Mahopac farmers market by its size. (I have a feeling the Sunday market is smaller than the other two weekly markets, which are also in a different location.)  I didn't want to wait until Saturday to share this with you.

We weren't in the market for mushrooms, but one vendor had several varieties, all grown on her farm in Goshen.

(I invite you to read the links to these hamlets and villages.  Many people outside of New York State think the entire state is New York City.  It isn't!  Far from it.  A lot of New York State is rural.  The area around Mahopac features lots of green, rolling hills.  But I digress....)
More mushrooms from that vendor.
Mix and match your own greens.   We did and they were so fresh and good.

The vendors also had baked goods, some of the best corn we ever tasted, green cauliflower, and baby seedless cucumbers that were so tender.

Last but not least, was the hot sauce vendor.  His tomato based hot sauces: hot, medium, and mild - were all made with heirloom tomatoes.  My spouse is a "pepper head" and soon a bottle of sauce was residing in our reusable bag.

Early apples were there too:  Paula Red (bought some to slice up with the pre-BBQ snacks) and Ginger Gold. A red pepper was purchased for a chick pea salad (recipe on the back of the Goya Chick Pea can) along with the aforementioned baby seedless cukes.  A squash went into the grilled veggies.

Now that we are transitioning into fall, many of the summer produce items will disappear. Fall is just around the corner so we are enjoying the last of the summer veggies.

What is your local farmers market selling this week?

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