Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apocalypse Confessions

It's the zero hour..  At 10:11 pm the world comes to an end.

All over Twitter, people are tweeting their Apocalypse confessions - those deep dark secrets we all hide.  Those secrets that will make everyone hate us if only they knew.

You know you have one of those secrets  You know you want to confess before the end.

Here, I'll start it off.

I have a secret vice.

It's The National Enquirer type tabloids.   I don't read them all that often, but once or twice a year, I will get several copies, and binge-read.  I eat up those articles about how Laura Bush has left George Bush because of his drinking.  I read about The Final Days of Clint Eastwood.  I gobble up the Predictions of the Psychics Predicting Events of 2013. I even read the ads in the back.  The mediums who will solve your love and money problems.  The dating classifieds.

It's getting to be that time again.  I can feel the hunger growing.

I hope the world ends first.  I must resist.  But Bat Boy is calling, Ed Anger is gesturing, and I must obey the aliens who kidnapped me when I was young.

What's your secret Apocalypse Confession?


  1. Beautiful post this. Best article I've read about all this end of the world stuff and god knows there has been a truckful of 'em!

    My secret Apocalypse Confession?

    It is that I fear it cannot hold any horrors worse than those that I have already seen.

    Besides, it's 00.27am where I am so I have beaten the Apocalypse. Yet again.

    My own Apocalypse? If come it must it shall come not in the form of the peurile end of the planet but from my own failures....

    1. Thank you for your praise. I've been on quite the emotional roller coaster ride since I turned 60 several days ago. I hope the ride isn't all downhill from here.Time to visit your blog again for some European beauty.


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