Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fall Fancies - 64.7

Yesterday upstate NY had a one day taste of spring.  It got up to 64.7 degrees at our house - at our airport we missed the record high by one degree.

When I first moved her in the 1980's it would have been unusual to have no snow on the ground.  Now, it isn't that unusual.

We all basked in the sunshine.

I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon and had enough time for a walk beforehand - and to my delight I saw a patch of dandelions in bloom.  Here is one.

Here is a leaf -blurred because I was in a rush - but an actual leaf!  And actual green grass! (Actually my lawn is still green..and sorry, I don't miss the snow at all.)
Of course, today it was back in the 30's with snow flurries and bitter winds.

It was nice while it lasted.

And with this post - well, we are getting close to winter on the calendar, and I need to change the name of my Wednesday feature.  I'm thinking of Winter Whimseys so that I can blog about anything winter-related, not just nature.  Of course, if we keep getting spells of mild weather....could we possibly have another mild winter like last year?

Dare I hope?

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  1. Snow flurries sound fun.... well, for once in a while...


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