Friday, February 22, 2013

Honored in Poetry

Caro Ness, this Christmas Cactus picture is for you.

I am getting a little bit of a following over in Europe, which is amazing to me, given that I have never left the North American continent.  Physically, anyway. 

The power of the Internet still amazes this 60 year old woman who lives in upstate New York.  In all of my childhood dreams of writing, I never could have imagined something like the Internet.  Or email, or Facebook, or blogging.  Or being able to correspond with people real time who are thousands of miles away.

So this morning, I woke up, checked my email, logged onto Facebook my astonishment, saw that someone in England wrote a poem about me.  And not just about me.  About my blog, too!

I didn't have much time to bask in the trans Atlantic glory.   I had to leave for work, that thing that finances my life and allows me some time for blogging at the end of the day.

Now, it's time to return the favor, even though it is after midnight and Caro is probably fast asleep.  Aseep, not knowing what is about to happen....

I was honored not just any poet, but an accomplished author by the name of Caro Ness.  She writes poems about the most unlikely of topics.  In the past few days, she's started a series of poems about some of her favorite blogs.

You have to visit her blog, and check out the blogs she is writing about.

But, what can I give Caro in return?  I certainly can't give her a poem.  Maybe a non-traditional haiku:

Christmas cactus blooms
On their way to dear England
Spring is on the way.

Visit Caro, the Blogger's Poet, and give her some love!  (And Caro, thank you!)


  1. How sweet of you Alana to honour me with such a beautiful picture! Thank you! I shall treasure it!

  2. Yes Caro Ness is near and dear to our hearts. She is the first one that I look for when I log in every morning. We are so lucky to have her sharing her talents with us.

  3. Congrats on the tribute. I really like the picture by the way.


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