Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Wednesday - Weeping and Twisting

On a recent visit to Binghamton, New York's Cutler Botanical Gardens, I marveled at the various ways Nature (with some help from selective breeding) can display its beauty even at the height of winter.  There are no flowers able to brave our cold.  Any berries are long gone.  Foliage awaits spring warmth, and bare trees aren't quite yet ready to glow with sap starting to rise.

So what is a plant to do?

In the case of this Weeping Larch:  well, weep.  Yes, this is a tree.

This Weeping Redbud isn't upright like its regular cousins but come spring, it will still display the lovely purple flowers its kind are famous for.
Then there are the plants that twist their way to winter interest, such as this "Walking Stick" tree.

And finally, there are those hardy plants who defy the snow, such as these Ornamental Kales Glamour Red.

Now, if only my Lenten Rose would bloom.

Do you grow winter interest plants? 

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