Monday, March 4, 2013

Author Blog Challenge #4 - Why I Can't Link on LinkedIn

Welcome to Day 4 of the 15 Day Blog Challenge for Authors.  I am writing two posts today, one for the challenge and one because - well, you'll see it when I post it.  And, concerning the post I will be making later tonight, I want to thank everyone who commented, or otherwise contacted me, concerning my Saturday post.  The blogging community is wonderful! 

Meanwhile, today's prompt is, in part:

"Are you using LinkedIn to promote yourself as an author? Does your professional profile include or feature your writing? What is the best connection you’ve made through your involvement on LinkedIn? With whom would you still like to connect? Might LinkedIn be a good vehicle for making such a connection? What is your biggest question, frustration, or suggestion regarding LinkedIn?"

This one is hard.

I am on LinkedIn, but my career is not connected at all with my blogging.  So, no, I do not promote myself as an author on LinkedIn - nor do I mention my blogging.  For reasons I will not go into here,  I do not discuss my job on social media. My LinkedIn account is only for people I connect with due to my day career.

It's not that what I do for a living is such a deep dark secret (nor am I in the witness protection program, nor do I work for the FBI, the IRS or the CIA.  No, nothing that fascinating/exciting/dangerous!)It's just how I have to manage things for right now.

So, what happens if I do become an author one day?  I don't know if I can have two separate LinkedIn profiles.  That might be one frustration.   Because, I wouldn't mind connecting with other writers.  I just don't know how to go about it on LinkedIn.

So, I will not be including a link to my LinkedIn profile here.  And, unless you are in my field...I regretfully will not connect with you on LinkedIn.

As for who I would love to connect in on LinkedIn: if I ever become an author I have a long list:  Harry Turtledove, for starters.

Wouldn't it be so wonderful if some of my favorite authors considered me "equal" enough to connect with on LinkedIn?  Here are some others I would love to LinkedIn with:
 Scott Westerfeld.  
Jonathan Maberry.
And, Susan Beth Pfeffer.

And, of course, all my readers, because you are the best.

I'm just sorry I can't do it yet.  Unless you know how I can have two profiles!

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  1. You have to have two e-mail addresses to have two profiles :) It's a PAIN IN THE BOOTY! I used to have three but deleted them all and started over Jan of 2012. I'd like to connect with Stephen King :) hehe WRITE ON!


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