Monday, March 18, 2013

Reminder: It's Still Winter

I got spoiled in my week in Florida, and my couple of days in Savannah.  I especially couldn't get over seeing houseplants (here in upstate New York) being used in landscaping - such as these kalanchoes in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

 I came home to cold and snow flurries, and tonight, winter decided to stop fooling around and return.
This morning, it was 17 degrees (-8 Celsius).  It hovered around the freezing point during the afternoon, and then the snow started.  Soon, it was accumulating, with everything getting that sugar-frosted look.

 Don't be fooled, though.  It may be pretty but it is unwelcome.  We are all grumbling about having to break out the ice scrapers and the boots again.  And, we are supposed to get a changeover to freezing rain sometime later tonight. 

Why couldn't this have happened while I was in Florida?

I hope it's the "last hurrah" of winter.

Florida is so far away......


  1. Love the bright photo. The picture of the snow is the closest I want to get it it:)

  2. Because then your home would have crusted, icy snow all over the walks and driveway. Now, you can clean them in a timely fashion :-)

  3. Ah there's nothing like a trip South only to return to a reminder that winter still lingers in the North. Hopefully not for much longer!

  4. -8 Celsius??!! Good grief! Living as I do in central Europe and not having visited cold countries in winter for a long time means that I haven't experienced temperatures as low as that for oh, let's say 30 years. Let's hope you are indeed witnessing winter's "last hurrah". (Brrr. Where's my pullover..)


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