Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Things - Snowy Start to Spring

I wish this was a picture of our first day of spring here in upstate New York.
(Shell bouquet, Sanibel Shell Show, Sanibel Island Florida, March 2013, courtesy of RamblinwithAM)

No such luck.

Instead, it was 27 degrees this morning (-2.7 Celsius) with a thin layer of new snow added to the snow we got yesterday.   Everyone here is so tired of winter. Spring is only a date on the calendar.

At the flood-ruined, vacant, former BAE building in Westover, near Johnson City, NY (one of the largest wood frame structures in our country) the Bradford Pear trees are bare, and will be for some weeks yet.
At my house, an early daffodil stands, ready to bloom, and perhaps just a little surprised.  It should be fine.
All is not lost.  Many bulbs still aren't up, but I found this patch of blooming crocuses on Saturday.

Spring will come.  We were spoiled by last year's incredibly mild winter.  But thankfully, we won't win the Golden Snowball award.   I say, let Syracuse have it (again).  We are sick of winter.

Let spring come!


  1. I've seen some incredible things created with shells. Maybe next year I should go to that show. If you come back to Florida maybe I'll see you there!

    1. I'll be posting some more pictures in the coming weeks. This was my second visit to Sanibel and to the shell show. I'll be counting the years until I can would be lovely if we could meet there one day.

  2. We are down at the Jersey shore. It has been cold and dreary, with rainy days instead of snow. But, still a long, long, winter.
    I loved seeing the crocus, makes me hopeful.
    Thank you.

    1. I hope spring comes soon, to both you and me. The Jersey Shore has suffered enough in the past few months.


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