Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Science Fiction Weather

This week it is supposed to be very warm and humid.  "Very warm" around these parts of upstate New York, means temperatures in the high 80's.  Humid means...well, humid.  Sticky.  Hazy hills.

Sunday, at our house, it reached 90 degrees F (32.2 C).  Yesterday it reached 87 before a gust front came out of nowhere (or so it seemed).  Thunder rumbled like it was trapped in a kettledrum.  I had never heard thunder quite like that.

Nowadays, every weather event feels like it came out of a science fiction novel.  The weather doesn't feel right. The clouds don't look right. My spouse insists he hears a monk parakeet (Quaker parrot) in the backyard sometimes - a bird we've never heard here before. Now, thunder doesn't sound right, either.

It's creepy.  All is not right with the world.  What used to be normal is now something to dread.  The cycles have been broken.  Things don't make sense. 

But then, nature does make sense.   There were scenes like the above (and worse) through our area.

When I got home yesterday, my neighborhood was littered with tree branches and limbs.  One of my hanging baskets was struck by something and lies on its side on the ground, the metal hangers ripped off and lying nearby.  Amazingly, the flowers are still intact although the cracked basket is a total loss.  Tomorrow, I'll take care of getting it into a new basket. 

Downed tree branches are nothing new, of course.  Areas to the north and eat of us have been getting severe weather so it could be lots worse.  There were flash flood warnings to the north and the east of us.  We got little rain out of this system but that may change quickly.

Derecho.  A derecho (super-straight line winds) stretching from Chicago, through Indiana and almost to Ohio yesterday.  A couple of tornadoes, trucks blown off roads, but again, it could have been worse. We remember what happened last year, in states to the south of us. A swatch of some 700 miles of downed trees, wind damage, days without power in the midst of a heat wave, closed food stores and gas stations, all caused by a "super derecho".  Our brave new post-climate change world.

Thursday we have a "potential for heavy rainfall". With the rivers running high, we might also have the potential for floods.  That also seems to be a common thing, world wide, in our brave new post-climate change world.  Once again, weather related anxiety gnaws at me.  At our community.

Along with kettledrum thunder.

This morning, I hear the birds sing, and look forward to another very warm, humid day.

How's the weather where you live?


  1. Today, near London, the sun has broken through. I've just REMOVED my pullover. The first time this summer. However, clouds threaten us with a storm. As long as it's warm, I'll be happy. Worried about the rest of the world though.

  2. As I am in Ontario, actually just outside of Toronto we are having very similar weather. So true it is very unusual. First time in years up at the cottage the water has actually risen during the summer season. I had to put the docks up about 3 inches because they were in the water 2 weeks after putting them in and my neighbor lost his dock because of storms. Craziness. Best Regards, Wendy http://wendybottrell.com

  3. I love your descriptions and story-quality prose. It's almost got a sense of dread and nervousness.. I love it.

    I'm in Hawaii. The weather has shifted and clouds are hanging low and oppressive. The air is rife with allergens and my eyes burn. The weather oscillates between thick heat and humidity, an oceanic breeze and a sudden, unwelcome downpour. Then the clouds part with the errant trade winds, and the sun shines golden, briefly lifting our spirits before the next phase of gloom and heat press down.

  4. I agree, the weather has changed. Keep your pantry stocked and be sure you have extra batteries.

  5. Here in "sunny" Southern Cal, we're experiencing what some of the radio stations have termed "June Gloom" with overcast skies and temps in the mid to upper 70's but our wonderful weather man is telling us that we'll be enjoying balmy weather with temps in the 90's by the end of the week! Fortunately, we're close enough to the Pacific to get some ocean breezes blowing. But I have to agree with you. The weather has been, at some times, rather surreal lately! Out here, we'd call it "Earthquake weather" and start battoning down our hatches! Nothing like a little Shake, rattle and roll to start your day, eh?

  6. I your house is lovely! I love American houses :)
    It's pretty cold in my part of the UK, I'm currently sat here wearing a cardigan. It looks like it may brighten up later! (fingers crossed!)

  7. We have had tons of rain. Am thinking about building an ark. Only the mosquitoes are happy... :(


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