Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busted! on the High Line

Well, that should get my blog fans and friends to talking.

No, dear friends, I was not arrested on the High Line, an elevated park located on the West Side of Manhattan, which was formerly used by freight trains. Note the "!" in the title.

After I got past the initial rush of being surrounded by flowers and trees on the West Side of Manhattan, I noticed something was looking at me.

A bust.

"Busted" is an exhibition of  pieces of public art, which will run into next year.  Not all of them, technically, are busts.  But, they are there until next April, for our enjoyment. 

This is a bust of Colin Powell, former four-star general and Secretary of State of the United States. (He was even offered the chance of running for President but declined.) He was born in Harlem but raised in my native Bronx.
Yes, Colin Powell has been Busted!

Here's one called "Untitled-Top Gates Mask".

And its sign.
One empty pedestal was left empty on purpose, so people could vote on a 10th "bust". It would be made of the winner of the vote.

The people have spoken.  And, alas, it wasn't me.  Just as well - I'm sure the pigeons would have loved the opportunity.

Would you want to have a piece of public art created in your image?


  1. Um...NO I wouldn't. Hard enough to put my blog out there daily :)

  2. Um . . . NO. But I'd love to wander through this exhibit with you! Fun wordplay . . . BUSTED! Cute!

  3. That's a great idea for an exhibit, and no I think I'd be a little weirded out by a bust of me!!

  4. I wouldn't like a statue of myself in my deteriorated condition. But, by all means, you could nominate me in my youth--full of self-worth and high ideals, but most of all the beauty of youth. Nobody wants to look at an aging bust. ;-)


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