Friday, July 5, 2013

Lemonade Crocheting and Knitting

The spouse of my friend in Brooklyn has to spend a lot of time in doctor's offices to be treated for a medical condition.   My friend normally comes with  him and waits for him while he has his treatment - sometimes waiting an hour (or even more).

Out of boredom, she started to do her needlework while waiting.

She does beautiful crocheting and knitting work - and, recently, has been working on projects for pediatric oncology patients.

I crochet but I do not knit, and I wanted to show off her work because I know quality work when I see it.  I think the work, and the cause, is fantastic. 

A crocheted blanket and some knit hats.
Another crocheted blanket.
And finally, some hats and scarves.

Aren't these beautiful?  (Lately, she has had some yarn donated to her but I suspect enough of these projects were done using her own money.) We have the cliche "lemons out of lemonade" - this is about as lemony as you can get.

I've done a handful of crocheting for charity but never anything like this.

Have you ever done crocheting or knitting for charity?


  1. No, I haven't ever done any crocheting or knitting for charity, but I've done other things for charity. I think it's so beautiful that she's working on projects for pediatric oncology patients. So, so special. I wonder if something could be set up where people could donate more yarn to her??

  2. What pretty things! I love all kinds of crafts but have never gotten the hand of crochet and knitting. Now my daughter is a whiz at it and taught herself at 15 how to do it. She's been doing knit squares for charity blankets.

  3. I've been a beginning knitter for 30 years and love to knit stuff to give away. I've done occasional pieces for charity and would like to do more. My daughter lives in a house with 11 other girls, so I spend most of the year on some kind of knitting project to give as gifts to them at Christmas. They are all like daughters to me!

  4. Yes, these are beautiful. I only tried knitting when I was a young girl.
    I noticed that you are interested in the U.S. Civil War. If you don't mind I'd like to share my Gettysburg related post with you: The post contains a link to our history site, too.
    Have you ever been to the Farnsworth House in Gettysburg?

  5. what an amazing couple, I am not good at anything requiring a needle and cotton or wool but I take my hat off to people who do. God bless them, please give them a hug from me. xx

  6. They really ARE beautiful! Thanks for this glimpse!

  7. Last year I knitted a prayer shawl for our church. It had a pattern based on multiples of three, to represent the Holy Trinity. It was so soft, my daughter said she wanted to get sick and go to the hospital, just so she could have it for herself! She may be getting one of her own for Christmas this year,


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