Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Simply Summer - Wildflowers

A couple of years ago, I devoted Wednesdays on my blog to wildflowers.  I've gotten away from that, but feel like returning to my blogging roots (so to speak) this Wednesday. 

So, what's blooming in upstate New York?  A lot of flowers and plants which, I found to my delight, also have medicinal uses.

I'm careful about saying this, because I do not, personally, use wild plants for this purpose.  But it is interesting that several well-regarded websites, including WebMD, now feature articles on these alternative therapies.

There's the yellow wildflowers:
Mullein.  This doesn't give the best view of mullein growing.  This is a tall herb, and my picture doesn't show just how majestic this herb is.  And, it may be of some usefulness with sicknesses that produce a lot of mucus (among other uses).
Goldenrod.  Contrary to popular opinion, it does not trigger hayfever - in fact, it is another medicinal herb.
Evening primrose

And then, the blue:

Chicory.  Not just a coffee substitute.
And finally - it's on its way out, but one of my favorites - Joe Pye Weed.

We are close to the end of wildflower season.  Soon, we'll see the ones that will bloom until frost - the tiny native asters.  When I see the goldenrod, and hear the crickets chirp, I always feel a little sad.  I know that winter is on its way.

Do you enjoy wildflowers?  What are your favorites?

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  1. My wild asters and goldenrod are blooming, and the crickets and peepers are very loud at night. The yard gets shady earlier, and, beautiful as it is, I find myself a shade melancholy.


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