Monday, August 12, 2013

The Binghamton Garlic Festival - A Message of Garlic and Hope

Area garlic growers gathered at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, this past weekend.

Since the ACA became the site of a tragic mass shooting on April 3, 2009 that left 14 dead, the garlic festival has become a symbol of hope, and recovery.

(How many garlic festivals can boast that?)
Inside ACA Lobby 2012

When I go inside, though, that is where the triumph seems complete.  The ACA wasn't closed, and it didn't move to a different building.  Its mission continues, stronger than ever.

Gift basket raffles were available (picture of basket from 2012- of course, we didn't win.) 
The number of vendors seemed down this year, which is a shame, because we appear to be having a banner garlic year.  But we enjoyed the chance to try some new garlics.
There was also a local vendor selling hand crafted mustard, garlic flavored food (and ice cream) for sale, music, and dancing. 
Dancers 2012 Festival
Music 2012

I didn't eat the garlic ice cream this year (still on my weight loss path, with another 15 pounds to go) but I can assure you the combination is not bad at all.

What kind of "ethnic" festivals do you have where you live?


  1. Alana, as you know, I was in Binghamton for a year, for grad school. I didn't hear of the Garlic Festival back then (1976), so alas, I missed it. Also, I seem to have totally missed a shooting in 2009 there? Or maybe I blotted it out. Congratulations on the resurgence of hope through the Garlic Festival! Blessings--Kebba

  2. Alana, as you know, I was in Binghamton for a year for grad school. Alas, I did not hear of the Garlic Festival, so I missed it back then. I am so glad that the Festival is serving as a means for resurgence of hope and good cheer in the area. Blessings--

  3. I guess keeping away the vampires is a critical civic function! (I thought Gilroy CA and update NY were the places for garlic)

  4. Alana, I love this post. I just adore garlic too. I actually start panicking if we get down to one bulb in the house. !

  5. An English chef featured 'black' garlic on a program the other night. Apparently, it's baked at a low temperature for days and the cloves ferment. It gives off a sweet, aromatic taste. I'd like to try that.

  6. Wow, I would love that. We have the Chilli Fest every July which is pretty hot!

  7. Ok, I'm game. I'll try the garlic ice cream! But maybe after pizza or the like!

  8. I love garlic! I made soup earlier and put a load in. It helps to keep the common cold at bay :-)


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