Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jamestown, New York is For the Birds

Today, on our way back home from Arkansas, we briefly stopped in the smallish (approximate population 31,000) western New York town of Jamestown.  We've passed by the Jamestown exit on the Interstate several times over the years, and this time, we decided to stop.

For its small size, a good number of famous people came from Jamestown.  The most famous, perhaps, is the late Lucille Ball (yes, I plan to blog about her and Jamestown at a later date) but, for birders, the most famous man may be the late naturalist/artist Roger Tory Peterson.

We wanted to visit the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History but the Google Apps on my iPhone apparently was having a bad day.  After some fumbling around, we ended up on a dead end street.  We were running out of time, so decided to get some gas and head out.

The gas station had a convenience store/ McDonalds.  We generally use McDonalds for coffee (it's good) but one look inside, and we had to have lunch there.

This is what we saw on the walls.

We never found the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, but we did find his birds.

This McDonalds is for the birds.
You have to like a place where the local McDonalds features lovely bird art.

Maybe one day we'll return to Jamestown, and find the Institute.

What's the most interesting eating place you've ever found?


  1. Hi:

    I think this is a first - a McDonalds with art and culture! I am intrigued on how this man's art found its way into a fast food restaurant known for it's methodical approach to doing the same thing everywhere... including interior decorating. Hooray for McDonalds for loosening up a little.. and Hooray for you being able to be observant, take pictures, and share this little tidbit with us.

    Thank you!


    1. Since McDonalds has apparently taken over the universe, I could also wish more of them were unique. I do admit, though, that I enjoy their wi fi and their rest rooms while on the road - and I will gladly buy some coffee there so that I am an official customer.

  2. I have to say that I am not a massive fan of animal paintings, I love portraits! This artist is good though!

    1. Peterson was renowned for his bird art - I have no artistic talent whatsoever and admire anyone who can draw, paint, etc. I agree these are good!

  3. Wow _ I am also surprised that McD's (which I HATE) actually featured some local art on their walls. I have to give credit where credit is due I suppose. You ask a tough question... so many interesting eateries. I love old vintage diners that have some history to go along with them. A friend of mine went to a restaurant in San Francisco which was completely in the pitch-dark. They were able to look at a menu and order their meal before heading into the darkness. They had to be led to their tables and grope for their glasses and silverware. ALL the waitstaff were blind! It gave the patrons a small idea of what eating can be like for someone who can't see their food! Amazing!


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