Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Local Food Makes Good

Recently, I blogged about the Chobani Yogurt recall. (Hopefully, if you buy Chobani, you've checked your fridge to make sure you don't have any of the recalled product.  If so, follow directions on the Chobani website.)

I'm pleased to announce that Chobani has now responded to the form I filled out on their website, and I will be getting coupons for replacement product.

Chobani is a local food here in upstate New York, although the recalled yogurt was not produced in New York - but in a new plant opened earlier this year in Idaho.

The interesting part of this process was the fact that, after I blogged about the recall and posted pictures of two of the recalled yogurts in my fridge (afterwards, I found a third, but didn't bother to tell Chobani about it-we're only talking $1.00 here, folks), Chobani posted a comment on my blog and told me to contact their quality control team.  Nice to know they are monitoring social media.

Anyway, Chobani, you don't have to comment on this post.  I'll look forward to the coupons when they come.  For what it is worth, I bought two containers of Chobani (my favorite flavor, Blood Orange) on Saturday.

But I made sure, first, that the product was made in the New York plant. (you can tell from the product code on the lid).  I have to admit that I'm still a bit leery of that other plant right now, but that should change with time.

The other thing of interest was - when I used Bing to search for "Chobani recall" several days ago, the first result was a sponsored ad for - Muller Yogurt, one of Chobani's competitors.  All I will say about that is, in the words of the late great Arte Johnson:  "Very interesting."  There's more to it but I'll let Arte say it himself.

I hope those coupons come soon.

Have you stayed loyal to a company whose product was recalled.

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  1. I'm glad they've sorted the problem out. At least there are some responsible companies left.


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