Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Fancies - Rhapsody in Color

Here in the Binghamton area of upstate New York, the fall color is progressing, despite the efforts of a strong rain/wind combination on Monday.

A lot of these photos were taken October 4-6 and the trees may be bare now due to Monday's wind.  But we still have many more waiting to turn.

This fall is not usual. In September we had three frost warnings (and some outlying areas did get frost.) Now, we've been having weather in the 60's and 70's (about 16-21 degrees Celsius) which is warmer than normal.  I almost want to pinch myself (is this really true?), but then I wonder - how will nature make us pay for this in the coming months?  Will we have a horrible winter?

Only time, of course, will tell that tale.

Our season started with yellows (see last Wednesday's post) and then progressed into reds and oranges.

First, a sumac, with its red berries and red leaves.
An orange tree, in Binghamton.  (Here I go for color, and really don't bother to try to identify the trees. But you, dear reader, are welcome to, if you'd like.)

Here is a yellow and red vine on the Vestal Rail Trail.
These red vines, also on the Vestal Rail Trail.

And these, just starting to turn.
And finally, a beautiful red tree in Binghamton.

Do you have fall color where you live (even if it's spring there right now?)  What is your favorite fall color?


  1. So, a tree grows in Binghamton, as well as Brooklyn!
    Our trees began changing colors about 20 days ago... Which can only mean the leaves will become blankets in about 10

  2. Thank you for sharing thes wonderful colors. I must admit, where I live in England, I don't see such splendor. The giant horse-chesnut trees opposite have turned brown and withered. The wind is blowing leaves down like snow. There must be trees here with autumn colors, but they're not close enough to enjoy.

  3. Lovely - we don't get this intensity of color in the Lowcountry. Upstate and NC, yes, but not for me here. Nice pictures!


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