Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Fancies - The Glow

In upstate New York, we may have gotten our hard freeze (it got down to 19 degrees F at a friend's house- about 7.2 Celsius, on Monday) but the color keeps coming.
Downtown Binghamton,Monday, right after sunrise on a clear day, during what photographers call "The Golden Hour".  

I love the lighting in this picture, which wasn't taken that far away from the last picture in this post.

The rest of these photos were taken Wednesday, during my lunch period at work, in downtown Binghamton.  All of these photos were taken with an iPhone.
Chenango River, taken from Front Street.
The same river, from another angle. Years ago I would have called the color "boring" but now, I appreciate what browns can look like.
And a burning bush, right at peak.
And last but not least, the downtown Binghamton Civil War monument near our County courthouse.

Fall isn't done quite yet but we are getting close..

How is your weather?


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. The first one is spectacular with the gold leaves glowing.
    I've always liked brown. I've decorated my home in various shades of the color.

  2. Absolutely stunning, Alana! It has been a gorgeous fall here, too!

  3. Oh how I love those burning bushes! Binghamton looks like a wonderful place. Our weather in NH sounds about the same as yours - a couple of very cold nights and some days that haven't reached past 45 degrees. Turtle neck weather for sure!


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