Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Least of Us

Today is the American Thanksgiving. 

My spouse and I have both been busy in the kitchen the last few days. Later today, we will have our son over.  Apple crisp-check. Pumpkin pie-check. Homemade cranberry sauce- check. These are my contributions.  Spouse is working hard on our turkey right now.

Warm home - check.   All three of us employed - check.

But, there are too many people who can't check off these items.  Food pantries are bare. Food assistance programs in our country are being slashed.  My son was laid off from his job just after Thanksgiving, last year. (Fortunately, he was rehired early this year.)

Hunger exists in many places in our world, not just in our great United States.

On this day of giving thanks we should pause.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs and family, and a warm home should take the time to think of those who don't.
This is taken from a post from 2010.

In a trip several years ago to Americus, Georgia, we visited Habitat for Humanity headquarters.   This worthy organization is well known for its support of decent, affordable housing both in this country and overseas. 

Besides the headquarters, on the grounds, were examples of what can be done with little.

The first two pictures are recreations of representative "before" pictures.  The final picture shows Habitat for Humanity housing solutions.  All solutions are sensitive to native cultural requirements.  For example, where a culture would encourage a family to live in one common room, that is what Habitat will build for them.

Clustered around some of the "after" examples were people visiting from other countries, examining the exhibits closely.

There are many things I am thankful for this year.  Our health. The fact that my spouse was able to have two cataracts operated on using modern technology.  The ability to spend Thanksgiving in a warm house scented with roasting vegetables and turkey.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Although we don't practice Thanksgiving here in England, I love reading about what you in America think about on this day.
    Yes, we should appreciate the benefits that come with living in a free land. There are so many disatvantaged people in the world.
    Modern surgery is wonderful. I'm so glad your husband has come through his eye operations.
    By the way, your link on Blogger's corner doesn't work. I removed the last part and I got through.


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