Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treating with Superman

Last night, on the eve of NaNoWriMo, I answered the door to give out Halloween treats until the rain got too heavy and the kids stopped coming. In between, I remembered back when I had a little one, too many years ago.   Had to get into the groove for writing a memoir, after all.

One Halloween stand out in my memory.

Unlike last night, when temperatures were mild (57 degrees F), we sometimes used to get snow, back in the "old days". On this particular Halloween, we got snow. A lot of snow. As I recall, some 13 inches (what a number, for Halloween!) of wet, gloppy, snow.

In those days of thrift but of not of being too creative, I looked to pajamas, raincoats, and the like as the basis of costumes for my little son. This particular year it was to be pajamas and boots.  The combination cried out "Superhero!" and, sure enough, I was able to find superhero pajamas that looked just like the outfit Superman wore. Complete with cape.

A pair of boots completed the outfit.  Everyone in upstate New York owns boots so it wasn't an extra expense.

Superman, and his mother, went from neighborhood door to door in the snowstorm. Apparently, not too many other trick or treaters were that crazy, because, as we wound our way through the neighborhood, Superman's plastic pumpkin started to fill up fast.

Too fast.  I think people were taking pity on my little one, handing out, two, three, and even four candies to one happy little boy.

We ended up with so much candy, we must have been on a sugar high for months. (Yes, "us"  I was a bad mom. A VERY bad mom.)

So, onward now (as of 12:01 am this morning) to my memoir. As you read this post, I'll be typing furiously, about my own childhood.  Maybe I'll even think a little about the Halloweens of my childhood in the Bronx.

Do you have good memories of a particular Halloween?


  1. Halloween was never a big thing in our family...bonfire night on November 5 was...lots of fireworks and potatoes baked on an open fire...

  2. Alana, I am SO looking forward to reading your memoir. Write on, my friend, write on!!

  3. When I was a teenager we would make a scarecrow and have him sitting on the front porch for the trick or treaters. I can't really remember too many Halloween's as a child. When my children were little we didn't participate but we had our own party in the dark with pizza and popcorn. In recent years we've mellowed out and do give out candy. Looking forward to your memoir too!

  4. Love the idea of you as a BAD Mom. Hehe. Time mellows us all. We, that's my little ones and I, never did the trick or treat thing back in the 60s in Australia. But the children loved to dress up.


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