Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Fancies - Let's Remember the Browns

Meteorological winter, here in upstate New York, started on December 1. 

Time to remember the good times - the last days of fall - around November 16, that is. Brown can be beautiful, and I hope these pictures will prove that.  Now, we are settling in for the winter ahead, when white snow will replace the browns of late fall. But even two weeks ago, fall color was still there to be found.

Not everyone gets into browns, so I've included some other colors.  At one time I didn't appreciate the browns that come at the end of the fall color display, but I do, more and more.

Remember when?  (except as noted, all pictures taken on the Vestal Rail Trail, Vestal, New York).
Ornamental grass.
More grass.

A late blooming forsythia.

And even a dandelion.
Back to brown, in this glorious sunrise as seen through Bradford Pear trees in Westover, near Johnson City (one of my "series" of pictures taken of the vacant BAE plant building).

And finally, some late fall color in nearby Binghamton.

What are the colors of spring (for my Southern Hemisphere readers) or fall like where you live?


  1. I am amazed that these colors- and leaves- have persisted this late in the season!

  2. Fabulous & beautiful photos...The Sumac is such a gorgeous color! Every year I get more into the neutral tones as well. I love the deep olive green, beige & cream colors of this season as the leaves get crunchy & drop from the trees.

  3. I agree that shades of brown are beautiful. The pampas grass in the first photo shows that off to perfection. Thank you for sharing your photos. You have such an artistic eye to capture the shots to perfection.

  4. Ah, I love the pictures, they are very 'arty'


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