Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Beauty of Nature on Christmas Day

People can light up their houses, and they can decorate their shopping centers.  But, sometimes the most beautiful thing about Christmas is provided by nature.

Yesterday, we woke up about 40 miles from New York City, and found that we had a White Christmas.

Later, that day, we were in Yonkers, New York, a city just north of New York City.  We had a very nice visit with some of my spouse's relatives.   One of them lives in the house my spouse spent part of his childhood in the house where we had dinner.

Between dinner and dessert, a few of us walked to the Cross County Shopping Center.My parents used to take me shopping there (a two-bus ride) when I grew up in the Bronx. (The Bronx, the northernmost borough in New York City, borders Yonkers.)  
Cross County is an outdoor mall, built in 1954, not that long after I was born.  It still thrives.  Its center is decorated for the seasons.  This is Santa's House in Cross County.

Walking to Cross County has become a Christmas tradition for us, and their flowering kale (including in front of Santa's House) never disappoints.
As we were getting ready to leave, we saw the most beautiful sunset.
I will show some more of the man-made beauty of Christmas before year's end in this blog. But, for Christmas Day, nature put on the show, and reminded mankind of what really matters.

Thank you, nature.


  1. nature is beautiful. great clicks

  2. I grew up in the Bronx. This post brought back many wonderful memories.

  3. What gorgeous photos, Alana! What a blessing to have some time to enjoy the sights during the holidays!

  4. It was gorgeous here, has been all winter, amazing place to live, french countryside - love it - no snow yet, but don't think it will miss us somehow :)

  5. What fun Christmas pictures! Hope you had a good Christmas!


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