Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Wonders - The Defrosting

Every Wednesday this winter, I hope to have a Winter Wonders feature, spotlighting scenery in upstate New York (or, wherever I am at the time).  Since this Wednesday is Christmas Day, I'd like to show you the first winter wonder of the season today.
Many times, where we live in upstate New York, this is what it looks like on December 23.

But yesterday, it got up to a record 65 degrees (18.3 Celsius).  The snow is mainly gone now after two straight days of above normal temperatures.
Fast moving stream, Vestal Rail Trail, Vestal, NY

Saturday, everything was defrosting.

Some ducks were enjoying the snow melt near the Vestal Rail Trail.
Yesterday, we even saw a dandelion starting to bloom on the West Side of Binghamton.
There was some (dead but still attractive) ornamental grass to admire.

While we were enjoying heat, parts of New York State, Canada, and New England were hit by an ice storm. But we, fortunately, were south of the ice/great weather line.

Later today, winter weather will return. Right now it is 45 (7 Celsius) and we are at our high temperature of the day.  Our expected low tonight is 21. Tomorrow night our low is forecast as 8 above. But whether we get a White Christmas will depend on if we get lake effect dustings Tuesday.

What is your weather like today?

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  1. Enjoy it while you can... It'll be gone by tomorrow!


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