Monday, February 3, 2014

Back on the Rollercoaster

For the last couple of days, we'd been above freezing in the Binghamton, New York area.  This ended last night.  We are missing a snowstorm New York City is getting now and it is eight above zero F (-13 C)near the small town in Northwest Arkansas where I lived years ago.  Meanwhile, it is the calm before our storm, predicted for Wednesday.

During our latest cold wave, the weather did what it did when it gets bitterly cold here - the sun showed itself.  At this time of year, that's about the only time we see it.  On Friday, as it first went above freezing, the sun actually continued to shine! But, on Saturday, the sun started to disappear, along with the snow.

On Saturday, my spouse and I were able to get out for an outside walk, and that was cause to celebrate.  Nature was enjoying the thaw, too.
On our local Rail Trail, the Vestal Rail Trail, beautiful brown plumes of last year's ornamental grass met us at the starting point.

Then, a little further up the line, a conifer asked me to take a picture.

And, finally, a sumac's red color against the increasingly white, dull, sky.
Soon, though, it will be looking like this again, with the snow coming down.  In a strange way, seeing pictures of snowy Northwest Arkansas on Facebook yesterday (I lived there years ago) made me feel a little less picked on.

Winter isn't finished with us. How is your weather?


  1. Thanks for those photos! We are enjoying the slight chill in SoCal, though we are not enjoying the drought!

  2. The photographs are so beautiful! I feel cold though! BRR!


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