Saturday, February 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day February 2014-While My Garden Gently Sleeps

Today, my upstate New York garden gently sleeps as the snow comes down, yet again.
My front flower garden sleeps under a blanket of about 1/2 inch of fresh snow on top of snow already fallen.  In our area, we are actually running a little bit behind our "normal" seasonal snowfall, but there is no such thing as normal anymore.
My back flower garden, with the compost bin in the upper left hand corner.

I need to hunt for flowers indoors.  What do I see?
Two poinsettias.  What is so special about leftover poinsettias? Well, these are left over from Christmas 2012. Late last year, I almost killed them when I moved them to a new window and forgot to water them.  I saved them just in time , but instead of leaves growing, the colored brachs grew in.  Without even trying. 

So I have "blooming" poinsettias once again, without the traditional "stick them in a box every day from 5pm to 8am".  Bet if I did this on purpose, nothing would ever have happened!

The primrose I bought for a sick relative which I decided to keep so she wouldn't have to care for it is still blooming.
Two of my African violets have started to bloom in the last couple of days.  Here is purple.

And white.

My Persian Shield is still blooming, but none of the flowers would cooperate with me in the tangle of plants I have up in my bedroom (pots taken in from the summer patio).  This was the best I could get.

Also overwintering is a pot of variegated leaf geraniums but they aren't blooming.  They are waiting for spring.  We all are waiting for spring.  What is in store for us the rest of this month?  Let me guess: more snow and cold.

Hopefully not a repeat of this, which my son sent me from his truck parked in front of his home this week.  (-24F, -31 C).

Every fifteenth of the month, I participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, a meme brought to us by May Dream Gardens.  Visit her site, and then visit gardens from all over the world.  That's where I am headed now. 

I'm ready for spring.  The blogger at May Dreams Gardens is ready for spring.  People all over the Northern Hemisphere are ready for spring. 

What's blooming in your garden, home, or area?


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and your resources!

    1. Thank you. Come back every 15th of the month to see what is blooming.

  2. Isn't Persian Shield just the craziest thing? Gorgeous leaves in summer, little conehead blooms in winter.

  3. I've got a dead poinsettia that will not be carried over for two years!

  4. Gosh look at the thickness of the snow! The poinsettia looks beautiful :)

  5. This is going to be useful for me. I will bookmark this and will keep it handy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yep, I bought some of those primroses you passed by. But Matt Mattus got some that were a lot more richly colored.

  7. Indoor plants can bring much joy when there is snow blanketing the garden. I remember well getting thought those long winters with African violets and garden catalogues. Happy Bloom day

  8. It's hard to comprehend your snowy surrounds as I sit here sweltering through a hot Aussie summer's day. It is great to still be able to enjoy some beautiful blooms albeit indoors.

  9. We have a foot of snow on the ground, but when it melts I expect to see a couple of dandelions. In the meantime, my peace lily blooms indoors.

  10. Congratulations on successfully getting poinsettias to re-bloom, I have never bothered even trying!
    Lovely to see your African violets, they are stars among the houseplants right now. I hope you get a nice, warm spring as soon as possible. Happy GBBD!


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