Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Wonders - Ready to Slide on Ice?

A freezing rain advisory is in effect starting at 7am here in the Binghamton area of upstate New York. Our forecast is "rain and freezing rain" with a high of 39 degrees F. (3.8 C).  Rejoice!

We are then going into a very temporary warmup.  We tend to get freezing rain here after a cold spell, as we start to warm up above freezing.  But our "warmup" will be only into the 40's and only for three or four days.  Not like where I used to live in Arkansas, where it was in the 60's yesterday.

On the other hand, later this week, they may be getting tornadoes.  Guess I'll pass, after all, and stay with what I have.

Ice can be beautiful.  Several weeks ago, I featured my "guest photographer" and some of her frost pictures.

Today, she is back with some ice pictures.
This one, she calls "ice veins".

These were taken in the countryside to the east of Binghamton, New York.
She calls this "Ice reflections"
"Ice crunchies".
"Ice trails".

And, finally,  I call this "ice layers".

Meanwhile, icicles are hanging on houses everywhere, due to our recent sunny weather.  You wouldn't want to be hit by one of these deadly missiles in my neighborhood.

Give me snow, any time.

Is it still winter where you are?


  1. 2 words- drive carefully.
    Ice is the Supreme Being's way of reminding us we are NOT in control.

    1. Weather in general is a good reminder that we aren't in control. No, far from it.

  2. Alana, we JUST missed a big blizzard hitting us last night! I'm really thankful, since our Melodrama opens tomorrow night! I think Iowa got it, instead, bless them. Your ice pictures are just beautiful! It is amazing how intricate and delicate (and how deadly!) it can be!

  3. Ice photos like these always make for great abstract images :)

  4. I love the 'ice veins' they almost look like a fish! It is pretty scary though!


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