Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Singing a Song of Tuesdays

Tuesdays are Chemo Day for a woman who lives in Brooklyn.

A man who sings in two area choruses writes poetry and songs about cancer treatment. Last year, he sang about his own radiation treatment.  This year, he writes and sings about his wife's treatment.

The chemo bag hangs on a pole that can move with the patient. This is her Tuesday pole companion, and she decided to name it.  She picked an interesting name.

Yes, she spends long Tuesdays with Morrie the pole while she receives treatment.  Meanwhile, this is the song lyrics this devoted husband wrote from his wife's point of view. This song lyric and another one I'll post in the next month, are posted in the infusion room.  

(Sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"):

Tuesdays with Morrie for hours and hours
Attitude: positive, don't bring us flowers.
Needing the bathroom at least twice today.
We're not too steady - get out of our way!

Walk past the patients, all getting infusions.
Some better, some worse-don't jump to conclusions.
They understand and don't give any lip.
We will be careful and try not to trip...

Empty bags beep, I just can't sleep, so I take a walk.
It's Morrie and me going off on a spree,
We're livin' in Brooklyn, New Yawk!


  1. We should make singing on Tuesdays a habit! Nice post :)

  2. I absolutley LOVE singing. It's so good for the soul- very uplifting. I always listen to music and sing along. (Oooops!) :P


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