Monday, April 21, 2014

Remembering a Blogger

While I was on vacation, a fellow blogger and neighbor for many years passed away.   He blogged on environmental issues, under a pseudonym.  He enjoyed discussing gardening with my spouse, and repaired bicycles.  He and his wife took care of my young adult son when we were hit by major flooding in September of 2011 while my spouse and I were out of town.  They were good neighbors, and will be missed.

I would like JC, wherever he is right now, to know the following:

First, his worm bin is OK.  His wife had given it to us last year. It's been an interesting experience, keeping worms, and I plan to blog about it sometime in the next month as part of my "Dear Friend and Gardener" club posts. (Do you garden and blog about it? Come join us).

Here is a shot of JC's worm bin today as we empty the contents out.
I promised B, his wife, that we would plant a tree in JC's honor. Two years ago, he joined the Arbor Day Foundation and got 10 trees as a gift. He ended up giving them to us for our son, but our son was unable to do anything with them. We planted some at JC's house, kept a couple in pots and planted a couple on my property.  One of them, a cherry, is budding out today.

We don't have room for any more trees on our property, but I am going to try to find someone who will be a foster tree parent in honor of JC.

A week ago, cancer took a good hearted man too soon.  One of his last desires was to try to spend some time in the spring sunlight.  Such a little thing but, at the same time, a big thing. I wasn't here to know if he had this final wish granted.  JC, I'm enjoying the sun today in your honor.  My wind chimes are chiming in the light breeze, and the sun feels so good.  We are gardening today, too, and enjoying the last day of my vacation.

Goodbye, JC.


  1. What a lovely post. I hope your neighbour got his wish of a little spring sunshine.

  2. aaaw that was absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this story. We often take for granted the smallest things.

    Keep in Touch(ed).

  3. This line breaks my heart: "One of his last desires was to try to spend some time in the spring sunlight. Such a little thing but, at the same time, a big thing." We don't always know what we have until it's gone. Bless you, Alana, as you grieve for your friend. He sounds like he was a very good fellow.

  4. Very touching and very personal to me...I hope JC is warm and at peace now. Please keep his wife close to your heart...

  5. A wonderful tribute to your neighbour. He seemed like a very nice and thoughtful person.

  6. Strange the way a person's spirit remains long after they are dead. Your memories of him do him justice.

  7. Aww, did you neighbour get their sunshine?

  8. Nice post. My sympathies for your loss.


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